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Small Batch, Hand Bagged & 100% Organic Compost

Small Batch, Hand Bagged & 100% Organic Compost

Small Batch, Hand Bagged & 100% Organic CompostSmall Batch, Hand Bagged & 100% Organic Compost


As life long gardeners we know what plants need to thrive. Over the years we have used many bagged compost products from the big box stores, and were often let down by the poor quality (and poor results). This motivated us to do something about it, and The Little Compost Company was formed.


Compost - Nature's Fertilizer

What is compost?

Since the beginning of time organic matter has been created, and once it's life cycle is completed, it decays. This cycle is most realized within the temperate forests of the world. Leaves, the largest oxygen producers on the planet, form and eventually fall to the forest floor. Almost equally as important as the oxygen they provide us, and the energy they provided for the tree, they now decay into another energy source - compost. 

Oxygen, moisture, micro organisms, insects, small mammals, and beneficial fungi all work together to turn leaf into compost soil. From the start the micro organisms begin eating away at the leaf material. As the leaves pile onto each other the temperature increases, and the tiny life forms work faster to break down the leaves. This is one of the most important processes on our planet, without this natural happening of synergistic organisms this wastes would accumulate at an unmanageable pace.

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